Creating a Curation Checklist

This past week, our PLNs were tasked with creating a checklist to evaluate the digital curation projects. Largely, this process was to help differentiate between the collection and curation of resources. Each member of my PLN did our research separately in the first part of the week, which consisted of reading various blogs and articles dedicated to the task of curation. Many of these were provided in our Module 3 resources in class. Researching separately proved extremely beneficial as we all had different ideas to bring to the project when it came down to creating our checklist.

I am honestly not a huge fan of group projects, especially in online courses. As a teacher, I’ve had numerous disasters with online group assignments. As a student who is rather meticulous about my work, it is always a bit unnerving having to rely on other people to complete coursework. There is much evidence, however, that group projects in online courses are beneficial to students and to the development of presence. That being said, most of my group projects in my doctoral classes have actually gone really well because we are all meticulous about our work. My experiences in EdTech 543 with Nick and Rob were no different. If anything, the process working with my PLN was smoother than past group projects.

We created our curation checklist in Google Drive, which Nick so kindly set up for us. He also kickstarted the checklist with a number of requirements he had considered relevant and important to the task of curation based on his research. Without planning in advance, Rob and I ended up editing the curation checklist at the same time the next day! It was really cool to work together and watch the checklist rapidly fill out towards completion. At one point, Rob and I even chatted about the direction of the checklist. I definitely had the feeling of social presence when we worked on this project. Rob and Nick seemed more like real people because we were actively interacting together. As I mentioned previously, the fact that we had researched independently brought great depth to our checklist. We all had different expectations and ideas that contributed to a well-rounded product. There were ideas that both Rob and Nick added to the document that I would have never considered if I had merely worked alone. That observation alone is enough to help transform my perspectives on group projects. If given the chance again, I would undoubtedly work with both Rob and Nick in another course!

After all of that reflection, please take a look at our curated checklist:


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