Looking Ahead

This summer semester has been a rollercoaster ride exploring social media and the variety of ways Web 2.0 tools can foster learning. Before this course began, I would have argued that I was relatively well versed in social media tools. Upon reflection 6 – 7 weeks later, I can easily say that I was wrong. At the end of any course, I like to think about what information I will take with my to embed in professional and personal endeavors – ideally I come out of a class with 3 goals for moving forward. Here are my plans for utilizing the information and techniques I have learned about in EdTech 543.

  1. Twitter Chats: By far the Twitter Chats have been my favorite way of gathering information and professional development in this class. I learned so much and connected to an incredible amount of people in the short time we completed the PD unit in class. My favorite Twitter chats are set up on my Google Calendar so that I get notifications on my phone and email. While my (part time) teaching load in the fall will consist of four classes – in addition to doctoral courses and my full time job as an instructional coach, I am hopeful that I can attend at least one Twitter chat a month.
  2. Building a better SEO: The digital footprint unit really forced me to slow down and consider how I am professionally represented online. While I have had to consider aspects of this in other courses, this unit made me think through the big picture. I realized that I am professionally not where I want to be in terms of a digital footprint. My work is too localized and could help many others just like me lurking out on the internet. As such, my roadmap for a digital footprint is one I intend to follow through to the end. I still want to blog and research every Friday during my time in the office. I will also need to begin working on customizing my WordPress site to make it uniquely my own. The first step will be adding my domain name to the site. Over the course of the fall, I will begin sharing and publishing some of the presentations and resources I have built in the past through my blog, Slideshare, Pinterest, and Twitter.
  3. Digital Curation: I loved the digital curation unit. It’s something I was doing at work when building professional development. I just did not realize that the process had a name. This is something I am good at doing! However, I now know I need to do a better job of sharing it with others above and beyond those teachers who attend my trainings. My goal is to curate topics at least once a month. I am constantly saving and bookmarking resources every day in my spare time. Now, on Fridays, I will try to begin pulling those saved resources and put them to work in a public forum.

A last part of my final reflection for this course is to reflect upon my blogging performance. I am going to give myself 68 of 75 points. I feel that I did a really good job reflecting on the course materials, activities, and conversations each time we had a blog assignment. However, at times my posts were more rushed than they should have been. I also wanted to blog more above and beyond the requirements of the class, which I did not do this summer. Lastly, I should have done a better job reading through others thoughts on their blogs and left comments. Part of learning is considering the perspectives of others and I felt that my lack of initiative in that area resulted in a valuable missed opportunity to expand my horizons.

I have to say, I learned far more than I expected to when this course began in late June. Thank you all so much for the wonderful resources, activities, feedback, and conversations. Best of luck in the future! I hope we meet again – even if just on Twitter!


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