Coherence Analysis

This week, our class delved into the coherence principle which makes recommendations on media content to include, or exclude, based on the objectives of the learning object. We each wrote an analysis of our principle in Google Docs and provided several examples of content which abides by and violates the coherence principle. You can view my coherence analysis paper through the embedded Google Doc below or by clicking here.

Meeting the Objectives

The following AECT objectives aligned with this assignment:

  • 1.3 Assessing/Evaluating – Candidates demonstrate the ability to assess and evaluate the effective integration of appropriate technologies and instructional materials.

This assignment meets the objective in two ways. First, we analyzed the coherence principle through the lens of an educator or designer creating learning artifacts. This was completed through the general discussion of the principle itself and its associations with other principles, psychology\cognitive research, and our own past experiences. The second way this objective is met is through the evaluation of an example found online at the end of the analysis. This section of the assignment requires we identify violations of the coherence principle and make recommendations for solutions, meeting the evaluation component of the objective.


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