FoldablesWorkshop.10.3.2012-3My name is Megan Gooding and I am a native Texan, historian, educational technology enthusiast, and a trainer for K-12 teachers in Texas.

I currently work as an Associate Professor of History at a small community college in West Texas where I teach US History, World Civilizations, and Texas History courses to both traditional college and dual credit students in both hybrid and online formats. In the past, I worked as a Social Studies Instructional Coach at Midland Independent School District. My primary focus was 5th through 8th grade teachers across 4 junior high campuses. Additionally, I was also employed as an Adjunct Instructor at Midland College and the University of Texas of the Permian Basin where I taught introductory history courses to college and dual credit students.My career began at Region 18 Education Service Center where I worked as an Educational Consultant supporting social studies, instructional technology, GT, and (internal) eLearning initiatives for school districts across 33,000 square miles.


My interests in Educational Technology are diverse. My dissertation focuses on the faculty reactions to the fake news crisis and the potential for integration of media literacy within non-communications courses. Because of my teaching charges, I am very interested in eLearning. Gamification of education and the brain-technology connection also fascinate me. I intend to study these topics through my doctoral program in Educational Technology at Boise State University.

In my “spare” time, I love being around my family, letting my Great Dane take me on walks in the park, and reading. I am happily married to a Canadian named Todd.



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